Kitchen Remodels

At Calgary Tile Setting we offer a wide variety of tile installation and remodeling services. From Kitchen and Bath, all the way to Swimming pools, Fireplaces and commercial tile flooring, the team at Calgary Tile Setting has the experience and know how to bring new life and style into any area, every time.

Kitchen Remodels

Remodels can be stressful, there is nothing like not being able to use your stove or cooking utensils for weeks or months to test your patience. The ending beauty of the finished product almost makes up for the intermittent inconvenience. Kitchens are where bread is baked, spaghetti is boiled and fun is had. There is no limit to your kitchens potential and our team of consultants is here to help you bring your vision to fruition. I believe that having the heart of your home as beautiful and functional as possible is important to have a space that you love. Love entering your kitchen when your tiles are installed and grouted by CTS. We guarantee satisfaction and our customers past can attest to the hard work and dedication that our entire team infuses into any project.

Backsplash is commonly installed in kitchens around Canada. We love backsplash for the personality and diversity it brings to a space. There are so many options, from classic subway tiles to ornate hand painted tiles that can absolutely change the way your kitchen feels and what it says to guests. To start your journey to find the absolute best backsplash for your kitchen remodel work with our trained and design inclined team starting today.

Removing tile is very labor intensive; it requires specialized tools and strength. We utilize the top of the line tools to help minimize the time of the project at hand. To save you time, call CTS to remove your existing tile and install new and fresh tiles in their place. Not only is the process draining, but also harmful particles that are trapped under existing tiles has the opportunity to be released back into the air. Have your licensed and insured specialists remove the material to ensure a safe and completed removal.

Floor tiles
Floor tiles should be durable and strong in your kitchen. If your kitchen is a space that is regularly frequented than we suggest a tougher option for the flooring in this area. If your kitchen has small square footage, an optical illusion using smaller tiles can increase the appearance of space. Rustic, cozy, modern, sleek, no matter the ambiance your kitchen delivers we deliver the right floor tile to complete the design. Keeping your kitchen safe and user friendly is important to the function and fashion of the space. We have options for slip-resistant tiles and textured finishes to keep your family safe.

Anti-Slip Tiles
Anti-slip tiles will add an extra layer of protection to you and your guests in your kitchen. There are always opportunities for accidents, but you have the option to mitigate these opportunities with anti-slip tiles. Commercial kitchens require this type of material but we all know that residential tiles can become just as dangerous. Options are available to have tile with textured surfaces that highly increase the friction between your feet and the tile as you walk through the space.
Kitchen Tile Setting

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