Granite and Marble Countertops

Calgary Tile Setting is pleased to have partnered with some of the best granite and marble countertop installers in Calgary. We are proud to now be a leading installer and fabricator of both natural and engineered stone in Calgary and surrounding area including granite, marble and quartz counters. The stone we use is imported from all over the world, with a large variety of materials and colors to choose from. Maintaining the same high standard that you'll find in all of Calgary Tile Settings work, we deliver quality work and quality counters to our customers. We offer fully custom work tailored to your living and work space.

Granite, Marble and Quartz Counters

Each one of our counters are handcrafted by some of the best craftsmen in Calgary. Custom work, custom service and a fantastic selection is what you'll find with every visit from Calgary Tile Setting. Whether it be granite or marble, we have lots options for you to choose from. You can see photos and videos on this page that show just how beautiful stone countertops can look when installed correctly!

When looking for a countertop installation company in Calgary who specializes in both natural and man-made stones (granites & marbles & quartz), contact us today at (587)-333-3216! We offer free consultations so there's no obligation required before getting started! Get the highest quality countertops in Calgary installed for your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else!

Countertop Fabrication

At Calgary Tile Setting, our partners ability to fabricate the best stone for your needs is unparalleled. With our highly trained team and state-of-the art technology, we'll provide you with quality services that will outdo any of our competitors'. Your home's interior can look exactly like you pictured it in your dreams as well — just tell us what little details are important to you! We have the best team to help you with your home and we will listen carefully and find what stone is perfect for all of your needs, so that it looks just like you imagined in your head! And if this isn't enough, we can import stones from virtually anywhere because we know there's a perfect piece waiting out there just for you!

Our customized cutting technology ensures that you get the cleanest, smoothest and most precise cuts on your counters. No gaps, no rough edges or corners.

Flawless countertops in one room or gleaming floors throughout all of them? Anything is possible with our reasonable and competitive prices. We can work on your kitchen, bathroom countertops and floors to transform them into a home of what you desire.

As the best stone fabricator in Calgary, we offer products that are of the highest quality and with the most reasonable prices. We match your needs to what's on our showroom floor or imported from around the world for you! Our expertise and craftsmanship sets us above the rest.

Countertop Installation in Calgary

Your customized stone installation needs to be done with care. At Calgary Tile Setting, we are able to offer you the quality of service that will exceed your expectations and leave you speechless with the results (in a good way!). Our team is focused on providing 100% satisfaction in order to receive a lifetime's worth of trust from our customers - which means they're guaranteed not only do an excellent job installing any piece but also get it right where you want, exactly how you want! Thanks to our cutting-edge technology combined with handcrafted professionalism, there won't be anything stopping us from exceeding all your hopes and dreams when designing the perfect home or office space. On top of all this, with highly trained professionals on staff who have years upon years worth of experience under their belt - these experts can help deliver exactly what you need without cutting corners or compromising anything else along the way.

Granite and Marble Countertop Maintenance and Resealing

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your stone surfaces so that they can stay looking beautiful for as long as possible. Whatever surface you are having problems with, from natural stones to engineered quartz and granite countertops, our team is here at Calgary Tile Setting is ready to help! We specialize in maintaining high-quality materials while utilizing bleeding edge technology. This means we not only have experienced professionals but also plenty of modern equipment on hand when it comes time for a service session - making sure everything goes smoothly without taking up too much of your valuable time or money.

No one wants to think about their surfaces wearing down over time, but it's a reality of life that we can't avoid. That doesn’t mean you have to neglect them! We try our very best at Calgary Tile Setting to offer maintenance and reseal services for an affordable price with 100% honesty on how often we should come out. You will always be assured of your stone surface being well-cared for by us. We try our very best to meet halfway with your needs and offer both affordable prices and high-quality services, because customer satisfaction is always our priority above all else. You'll never have any questions about when you need us again: we're 100% honest in telling you how often (or not) your surface requires upkeep so there's no guesswork on anyone's part!

Granite and Marble Repair

You don't have to worry when your stone surface gets chipped, dented or damaged in any way, accidents happen. Here at Calgary Tile Setting we offer repair services for all our granite, marble, and quartz customers. Whether you need a chip repaired on the countertop, sink replaced or floor fixed up after it has been cracked, chipped or become uneven from damage - we can guarantee that when we finish with repairing these damages they will look as good as new! Thanks to top-of-the line technology and highly trained professionals who assess every detail carefully before fixing them there's no need for concern about whether things will get done right the first time around!

If your stone is damaged, don't worry! Calgary Tile Setting and our Partners have you covered. We know that repairing the damage requires a lot of experience and precision because we have been doing it for years. If your stone surface are damaged from an accident, there is often very little need to replace them. Thought the damage may look bad, we have the experience, the know how and the tools to get it looking good as new.

Furthermore, with our extensive customer service team on hand to make sure you get the help you need even if you can't see the work done - there's no need to worry about your stone surfaces wearing down over time.

Stone Refinishing

Stone surfaces are beautiful and elegant when they first get installed, but over time the stone will wear down to show its age and history. For those who want a more pristine beauty in their home or office without having to replace it completely, Calgary Tile Setting offers refinishing services tailored specifically for your needs at an affordable price! We use the most modern tools of the trade that ensures no further damage is done while leaving you with nothing less than perfectly polished marble, granite and quartz counters and floors wherever you may need them refinished in your house.

Here at Calgary Tile Setting we know that the quality of your work is everything. That's why our team spends so much time and effort on making sure each project meets your satisfaction. We want to make you feel confident in the entire process, from start-to-finish! Our first step will be sitting down with you for a consultation where we'll discuss what needs to happen and how it should look when finished; all this before any pricing agreements are made between us both. Next, one of our talented craftsmen will resurface and polish your stone while taking care not to damage or scratch anything along the way - these fine pieces deserve nothing less than perfection afterall!
Granite and marble countertop installation Calgary

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