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Calgary Tile Setting is the leading expert in Southern Alberta Regarding all things tile. From simple backsplash updates, to entire kitchen or bathroom overhauls, Calgary Tile Setting has the best tile experts and contractors for the job. Residential or commercial, new installs or repairs, we're certain you'll love your new tile work.

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Our whole team at Calgary Tile Setting invites our community, business partners and customers to familiarize themselves with our website and learn more about the new, updated services we now offer. We are the leading tile setting company in all of Southern Alberta. Our team collectively has over 30 years of experience within the industry with extensive experience facilitating residential clients as well as commercial projects. Our results and focus on efficient, impactful solutions for our customers is simply unmatched.
About Us
Our organization started with humble, modest beginnings. Our founders began their careers as most others do, in construction and tile setting working for larger businesses. For some it was an interest turned passion and ultimately career, for others carpentry was a family trade. However they commonly noticed the trend that the large the tile setting business grew, the larger the seeming inability to adapt or relate to their customers grew as well. There was no customization, no listening and feedback, no customer service and no long term relationships formed with their clients. They made a commitment to change this and create their own tile setting company in Calgary. Our core pillars are centered around customer service and advancing the delivered value for our customers every day. We hold ourselves accountable towards these measures by our customer’s success.
Our Services
Over the years we have understood the needs and demands of our community to therefore translate this information into effective, affordable tiling solutions that provide tremendous value to all our customers. We take the time to listen to our customer’s feedback to understand what their true desires are and how we can achieve them. From the learning we have undergone and time, energy and money reinvested into our industry, we have been able to hone and perfect our craft. We currently offer bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, commercial tile installation, stone and fireplace installation, decorative tile installation, and maintenance of tile and grout.

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To find out more information or to get a quote, please don't hesitate to call us at (587)-333-3216, or by using the contact form below and one of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.



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    A picture is worth 1000 words, and below you can find a collection of some of the stunning work Calgary Tile Setting and our team of Tile Contractors could do for you.
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    Bathroom Remodels

    Most people understand the difference the beauty in a bathroom makes for your home or any space for that matter. A welcoming, aesthetically pleasing bathroom speaks volumes for your entire space. We are able to easily integrate into your home renovation or new construction of your space to bring your vision to life. Our experts understand the design requirements and how to complement your entire space with the proper tile options. Allow us to accompany your bathroom renovation and provide you an affordable but also incredibly striking installation. Both superior aesthetically and in durability. If you are considering undertaking a bathroom renovation, contact our customer service team today to learn more about the many customers we have helped and the incredible tiling jobs we have completed for them.

    Kitchen Remodels

    Most likely the single most remodeled space in anyone’s home is the kitchen. So much time and activities are spent surrounding the kitchen. The open concept kitchen of today has countless opportunities for proper and effective placement/installation of tiles. Kitchen remodels are a large undertaking on their own. We want the proper installation of tile being the last thing you have to worry about. Our team has extensive experience in working alongside contractors or homeowners to make sure they cannot recognize the old, dated look of their previous kitchen.

    Commercial Tile Installation

    Our commercial projects have been a large focus for our team in recent years. We understand the logistically demands and timeliness that corresponds to any commercial undertaking. The selection and installation of product is a lengthy process, which we are able to simplify on behalf of our client. We offer an entire team led by a project manager to oversee all aspects of the operation from start to finish. We are not successfully until our clients deem they themselves are successful. We will accompany you the entire way, provide recommendations and options for supplies, equipment and any other resources required.

    Stone and Tile Fire Place Installation

    In our cold Alberta winters, the fireplace is the gathering space for all families around during winter. Should you be undertaking a renovation or new build, do not forget to compliment any room with the proper installation and selection of the appropriate stone or tiling. We provide certified designs to guide you throughout the consultation period to make sure we are together considering what may be best for your space. If you are considering adding a fireplace to your space, be sure to contact our experts soon to find out how they can simplify the process for you and deliver a ready to use, beautiful fireplace for winter.

    Decorative Tile

    You have got to see the before and after photos our team has to understand the difference a decorative tile job can make. A worn out, dated space can quickly become a timeless, elegant and vibrant room in a matter of days. Our team provides the options and supplies the best decorative tiles available. We also understand monetary restrictions, so therefore we make sure to provide options for all budget sets. Contact our office today to learn more about the decorative tile options we have available for you. You will not believe the difference they make and how your room now stands out like never before!

    Tile And Grout, Maintenance and Repairs

    Even though you may have initially decided on a beautiful tile and the installation went perfect…over time everything succumbs to wear and tear. That is why we offer a service specifically designed to bring your tile back to life and provide it that vibrant fresh feel once again. Tile can also become chipped, deteriorate or cracked over time. Our team have the means and experience to easily and affordable provide services aimed at removing damaged tiles, replacing them or repairing them. Make sure you take the time to discuss our tile and grout services with our customer service team, you will be surprised at how simple and affordable our services are.

    What Kinds Of Tile Do We Work With?

    At Calgary Tile Setting, we are committed to sourcing and supplying the finest quality natural stone tiles in order to provide you with an expert finish on each and every one of our tile installations. Quality is at the heart of our company and is sought after throughout our business. Everything from the quality of the stones that we supply, to our services themselves, are focused on the highest level of quality.

    We supply, deliver and install a large range of bespoke tiles. These include everything from more classic collections such as marble and granite, to more contemporary tile designs that are new within the market.

    Ceramic Tile

    Ceramic tiles can be made in any specification from size and colour to thickness and any design you’re looking for. This means that the product choice for ceramic tiles is extremely vast. Once our team have installed your ceramic tiles, they will be very easy to maintain and can be cleaned without hassle or inconvenience.

    Porcelain Tile

    Porcelain tiles are well known for being the perfect blend of versatile and beautiful. They are ideal for any room within your home and will match any decor that you may already have.

    Glass and Mosaic Tile

    There are a near limitless number of glass and mosaic tile combinations. Of varying shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. these are the perfect tiles to use in showers and in backsplashes. whatever your imagination can dream up, there is likely a glass or mosaic tile set to bring that to life.

    Marble Tile

    Marble is one of the most popular tiling options available, best known for adding elegance to any room within your home. It has a strong reputation for its use by designers, architects and artists not only today but throughout history, and is guaranteed to add both glamour and sophistication to any room in which it is used.

    Metal Decorative Tile

    Sometimes incorporated in other glass and tile mosaic pieces, and sometimes as a standalone tile set, metal tiles can be an eye catching addition and accent to some other wall and backsplash tile projects. 

    Slate Tile

    An upscale tile choice that combines natural beauty with and exceptional level strength and durability. Slate is a tile that adapts well to radiant heating, and  comes in a limitless number of solid colours and colour combinations.
    ...and more!


    Here are some of the things our customers have to say about their experience with Calgary Tile Setting

    Crystal J

    -Silver Springs Calgary
    We had our front hall seating area redone in October of last year. I have nothing but good things to say about the team at Calgary Tile Setting. They we're professional, courteous, and respectful of our space. The job was done quickly, and I LOVE the way it looks!"

    Savannah M

    -Acadia Calgary
    We were finally at a point where we wanted to invest in some renovations for our first home. We redid the kitchen backsplash and flooring and I couldn't be happier. Not only was the work incredible, but I actually felt listened to and that my vision for the space was taken into consideration. They helped me make my idea a reality.

    Ross D

    -Mount Pleasant Calgary
    I have to be honest. I liked to consider myself quite the handyman and would tackle a lot of my own renovations. I redid my bathroom, and lets just say the shower was... Not my finest work. I was recommended to call Calgary Tile Setting, and they came out and redid it for me. Seeing what all goes in to the job when done professionally makes me realize I'm never tackling a shower remodel on my own without a pro.

    Why should you consider choosing Calgary Tile Setting for your next kitchen, bathroom or commercial job?

    When it comes to tiling jobs, it is always advised that you hire a professional. Whilst many individuals may choose the route of DIY, this poses a number of problems. Firstly, cutting tile can be a challenging task without the right tools and experience. Getting the precise angle and fit you need can be challenging, leading to extra waste and cost. In addition to this, if the job is not completed correctly, your tiles may shift and crack. Flooring laid unevenly can pose as a tripping hazard, and be difficult to correct if the job is large enough. By working with the Calgary Tile Setting team you can be confident the job will be completed to the highest possible standards.
    So, why choose to work with us? We have a wealth of experience in the industry, having worked on many commercial jobs from high-end kitchens to modern, innovative bathrooms. Our member of our team is carefully trained to provide only the highest quality results. As a result, our tiling services guarantee precision with each and every tile. All of this comes with truly outstanding customer service. We are not satisfied until you are completely content with our work.

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    Our Other Stone and Tile Services

    Beyond our main services, we also offer and provide a large variety of Stone and Tile services in Calgary Alberta

    Backsplash Installation

    A backsplash can be a focal point in the kitchen, or what makes the accents in the rest of the room really pop. For professionally installed backsplashes that compliment your kitchen, from subway tiles, to glass mosaics, we've got you covered.

    Entryway Tile Flooring and Tile Baseboards

    The first room in the house most people will see will be the entryway. A tile entryway makes for easy cleaning during those winter month with all of the snow and salt Alberta is notorious for.

    OutDoor Kitchen or Patio Tile

    The summer months in Calgary are valuable. Turn your outdoor space into a comfortable and stunning area that you and your family are happy to spend the afternoon lounging in, or enjoying dinner together in the evening.

    Electric infloor Heating

    Step out of your shower onto warm and heated tiles.
    One downfall about tile is that at times it can feel cold on bare feet. Luckily the team at Calgary Tile Setting is experienced at installing under tile electric heat. For rooms both small and large.

    Transition Repair and Installation

    From simple transitions from tile to hardwood using metal transitions, to complex or stylized transitions merging one type of flooring into another, the team at Calgary Tile Setting is can help you really tie a room together.

    Mosaic Tile Flooring and Wall Pieces

    Adding an accent piece to your walls or flooring can help add a unique flair, or bring out your own personality in your home. The only limit to a mosaic tile job is our combined creativity. 

    Swimming Pool Tile

    Calgary isn't well known for its outdoor pools, but our indoor pool and hot tub tile work is bar none in Calgary. For indoor pool tile in public facilities, private centers, or even your own home, trust our team to surpass expectations.

    Grout Replacement and Colour Changes

    Sometimes all a section of tile needs to really look vibrant and new is a change of grout. Removing old cracked grout, or replacing existing grout with a new colour can be an easy fix with a huge visual payoff.

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      Feel free to contact us by phone, or fill out one of the contact forms on our website and we would be happy to help you will all of your tile setting needs.
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