Marble Tile

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Marble Tile

Marble is one of the most popular tiling options available, best known for adding elegance to any room within your home. It has a strong reputation for its use by designers, architects and artists not only today but throughout history, and is guaranteed to add both glamour and sophistication to any room in which it is used.

Marble itself is a metamorphic rock that is formed when limestone is exposed to high temperatures and pressures. It is formed in these conditions due to the calcite forming the limestone, which re-crystallises and forms a denser rock. This rock is popular throughout the world and may look different depending on the regions in which it was sourced.

Our Marble Tile Range

Our exclusive marble tile range is available in a wide range of different colours. These include everything from greys and blacks, yellows and greens, blues and browns and the most popular colour, off whites. This means that you can find the marble that you are looking for, no matter what design you are looking to make within your home.

What flooring finishes do you offer?

All of the marble floorings that we provide is available with several different surface finishes which will provide your surfaces with unique aesthetics and designs. Here are the finishes that we offer.

Polished: perfectly smooth gloss finish that provides your home with a classy, contemporary feel
Honed: smooth surface with square-cut tile edges
Tumbled: worn, tiles with distressed edges, which have been designed to provide your home with a rustic appearance
Brushed: a slight surface texture to give grip underfoot. Due to the extra grip, these finishes are perfect for wet rooms such as bathrooms and pool areas
Antiqued: this is a term used for various distressing methods to achieve a worn look. This design is ideal for more traditional looking homes such as cottages.

Where can Marble Tiles be used in my home?

In the modern home, marble tiles have become more popular than ever with more applications in each individual room. They are also popular in commercial buildings and provide a fantastic first impression for guests and visitors.

Marble tiles themselves are one of the best options for a decorative natural stone. They simply cannot be matched in terms of aesthetics and are available in a wide range of unique colours. From exquisite whites, electric blues and deep reds, as well as bespoke yellows and the darkest blacks, all colour options are available with marble. In addition to this, many types of marble can have a pale base colour, making use of outstanding veining to create a truly unique design. Each one of our marble tiles undergoes a polish process that provides them with extra protection as well as enhances their natural colours.

In order to look after your marble tiles and prevent any potential damage, always seal your marble prior to grouting. Make sure that they are deep cleaned and resealed every 2 years, as this will prevent any potential staining. We can complete this for you should you need us to, simply contact us directly and our team will be on hand to help.

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