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At Calgary Tile Setting we offer a wide variety of tile installation and remodeling services. From Kitchen and Bath, all the way to Swimming pools, Fireplaces and commercial tile flooring, the team at Calgary Tile Setting has the experience and know how to bring new life and style into any area, every time.

Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles

If you’re looking for the best ceramic wall and flooring tiles, then look no further than Calgary Tile Setting. We are your choice for the highest quality tiles, perfect for your bathroom, kitchen as well as any other surfaces throughout your home. We have a wealth of experience sourcing and providing these tiles, ensuring that we can offer you a vast selection of ceramic wall tiles for your home. We can then install your tiles for you, ensuring that they are installed to not only look amazing within your home, but also withstand the test of time.

The large portfolio offered at Calgary Tile Setting is perfect for if you’re searching for high-end ceramic wall tiles and ceramic floor tiles. They are best suited to kitchens and bathrooms, providing you with a contemporary solution for any interior design needs that you may have. Our bespoke ceramic tiles are available in a wide number of colours, as well as unique collections that make use of natural materials such as marble or wood effect tiling.

About Our Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles

About Our Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles

Our ceramic tiles can be made in any specification from size and colour to thickness and any design you’re looking for. This means that the product choice for your ceramic tiles is extremely vast. Once our team have installed your ceramic tiles, they will be very easy to maintain and can be cleaned without hassle or inconvenience.

Ceramic tiles are made using either clay or a silicate mixture. This mixture is then kiln fired in order to create the products that you see on our store. In general, we make use of red or white clay as the final appearance of the ceramic tile itself will depend on the manufacturing process that is used. We make use of a protective laze or non-slip coating to ensure that your tiles are suitable for your environment and in particular bathrooms and kitchens where temperatures can fluctuate.

Our porcelain tiles are produced in the same way, however, we make use of different types of clay and in general more layers are used throughout the manufacturing process. This results in a denser and less porous product that is focused on moisture resistance. Such tiles are more expensive than non-porcelain ceramic tiles. They are the perfect choice for bathrooms as well as other wet areas around the home such as pools and any spa areas for commercial buildings.

Vast Ceramic Tile Range

No matter what project you are looking for, we have the tiles to complete it with ease. Whether you are in the process of redesigning your bathroom, you’re having a new kitchen fitted or you’re changing the look of your property, our ceramic wall and floor tiles are perfect for your home. We stock a vast range of colours, sizes and materials. These include everything from marble and slate to wood effect tiles as well as the finest Porcelanosa porcelain tiles. We are confident that you will find the ceramic tiles you’re looking for at Calgary Tile Setting.

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